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Isawaonsen is a hot spring resort famous for various fruits,
including grapes, which are Japan's largest producer.
The natural beauty and delicious food will refresh your body and soul.

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    • Isawaonsen Festival

      Isawaonsen Festival

      The "Isawaonsen Festival" held on the Fuefukigawa River is a spectacular part of summer in Isawa every year. The seven-color fireworks, which look like an overturned jewelry box on the campus of the summer night sky, are a sight to behold. The festival attracts many tourists every year.

      Access Approximately 4 minutes by car from the hotel
      Time of the event Every August
    • Fuefukigawa Isawa Cormorant Fishing

      Fuefukigawa Isawa Cormorant Fishing

      The traditional fishing method of "kachiu" (walking cormorant), which has been handed down since the Heian period (794-1185), is performed. Rarely seen anywhere in Japan, cormorant masters enter the river directly and control the cormorants instead of using boats. Wearing the same costume as the cormorant masters, the free cormorant fishing experience is very popular!

      Access Approximately 6 minutes by car from the hotel
      Time of the event Mid-July to mid-August every year
    • 桃の花祭り

      Peach Blossom Festival

      In April, various events are held in Isawaonsen, which has become a peach paradise with 300,000 peach blossoms. The spring festivities will be grandly celebrated along with the peach blossoms.

      Access Approximately 13 minutes by car from the hotel
      Time of the event Mid-July to mid-August every year
    • Music Box Forest

      Music Box Forest

      This is a medieval European aristocrat's mansion located on the shores of Lake Kawaguchi. Many precious music boxes from around the world are on display. The sweet sounds echoing through the town and the nostalgic view of the world will soothe your tired heart.

      Access Approximately 32 minutes from the hotel by car.
    • Seisen-Ryo


      Seisenryo is a leisure facility located on the Kiyosato Plateau at an altitude of 1,400 meters above sea level, in the midst of the great nature of the Yatsugatake Mountains. It is a popular outdoor spot for families, with accommodations for 200 people, a restaurant, and a gift store. It is also famous for its soft-serve ice cream.

      Access Approximately 57 minutes from the hotel by car.
    • Heidi's Village (Corridor of Roses)

      Heidi's Village
      (Corridor of Roses)

      Based on the concept of the world of "Heidi, Girl of the Alps," visitors can enjoy seasonal flowers throughout the year. The majestic Alpine mountains fill your field of vision, and the clean air envelops you. The hotel is filled with tenderness and peacefulness.

      Access Approximately 42 minutes from the hotel by car
    • Grape Hill Center

      Grape Hill Center

      The symbol of Katsunuma, the best grape and wine town in Japan. Surrounded by vineyards at a 360-degree angle, the hill has a wine cellar, a wine restaurant, a natural hot spring, and a barbecue house, making it a major fruit kingdom where you can enjoy grapes and wine with all your body.

      Access Approximately 20 minutes from the hotel by car
    • Fruit Park

      Fruit Park

      This is a comprehensive park named after a fruit that Yamanashi Prefecture is proud of throughout the country. Visitors can enjoy the fruit greenhouse, orchard, café, and athletic facilities all day long. At night, you can see the night view selected as one of the "New Three Great Night Views of Japan.

      Access Approximately 13 minutes from the hotel by car
    • Fujikyu Highland

      Fujikyu Highland

      This is one of the most famous amusement parks in Japan. In addition to the scream rides, there are also attractions such as Gegege no Kitaro and Thomas the Locomotive. It is an amusement park that can be enjoyed by everyone from adults to children, couples to families.

      Access Approximately 43 minutes from the hotel by car
    • Hottarakashi Hot Springs

      Hottarakashi Hot Springs

      Compared to sulfur springs, Hottarakashi Onsen is less stimulating and suitable for people with sensitive skin, the elderly, and children.
      The strong alkaline hot spring with a PH of 10.1 is soft to the touch. It has the characteristic of smooth skin and does not cool down easily.

      Access Approximately 17 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Prefectural Art Museum

      Prefectural Art Museum

      The Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art has been known as "Millet's Museum" since its opening in 1978. Sculptures by Rodin, Henri Moore, and others are placed in the park, showing their beautiful seasonal expressions. The museum also houses the Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Literature.

      Access Approximately 26 minutes from the museum by car.
    • Cheongchun Art Village

      Cheongchun Art Village

      Cheongchun Art Village stands on the site of the abandoned Cheongchun Elementary School and is famous for its cherry blossoms. There are ateliers, an art museum, a chapel, a library, a restaurant, etc. on the site. It is a cultural spot blessed with nature and rich in the fragrance of art.

      Access Approximately 50 minutes from the hotel by car.
    • Keirinji Temple

      Keirinji Temple

      Keirinji Temple is famous as the family temple of Takeda Shingen. There are many places of interest, such as the garden designated as a national place of scenic beauty, the Shikyakumon Gate designated as an important cultural property, and the tomb of Lord Shingen. The garden, which shows a variety of expressions from season to season, is a concentration of history and culture, and its size and beauty are a must-see.

      Access Approximately 17 minutes from the hotel by car
    • 桔梗屋


      Kikyoya, a Japanese confectionery manufacturer, is famous for its famous sweets such as Kikyo Shingenmochi. The main factory is located in Fuefuki-shi, and on holidays, customers gather here from the morning for the outlet sales.

      Access Approximately 5 minutes from the hotel by car

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