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Welcome to Hanasuisho

Please spend a relaxing time at Hanasuisho, an inn that cherishes
the spirit of nature and the hearts of travelers. Enjoy our outdoor hot spring baths,
local cuisine using seasonal ingredients, and seasonal flowers. You can enjoy the warmth
of the baths and the seasonal flowers. We look forward to providing you
with warm and relaxing hospitality that will soothe the fatigue of your trip,
We look forward to serving you with our sincere hospitality.


Charm of Hanasuisho

  • Quiet and secluded space

    Quiet and secluded space

    The calm design of the modern Japanese-style rooms allows you to relax and enjoy your stay.

  • Enjoy yourself the way you like it

    Enjoy yourself the way you like it

    Pillow bar, yukata bar, amenity bar, incense bar, and shampoo bar to your own taste.

  • All Inclusive

    All Inclusive. More Elegant Time!

    Our hotel is all-inclusive, so you can drink as much alcohol as you like! You can also bring your own alcohol to your room and drink it in comfort.

    ※A separate fee of 2,750 yen (tax included) will be charged for those who wish to drink as much craft beer as they wish.


  • 客室
  • 客室
  • 客室

Enjoy your stay in Japan
Japanese modern space

Wildflowers are flowers that bloom in the fields and mountains for the purpose of appreciation. The theme of our rooms is based on such wildflowers. All rooms are named after wildflowers, and you will be greeted with a poem and a watercolor painting of the same wildflowers as your room name. The rooms are designed to provide you with a place to relax and talk while being healed by the familiar nature of Japan.

About Rooms

D type

Room with open-air bath. Japanese-style room 12.5 tatami + 2 tatami (with bath and toilet) Japanese-style room, tatami mats.

C type

Spacious luxury♪ Japanese-style room, 12.5 tatami mats + 4.5 tatami mats (with bath and toilet) This is a Japanese-style room with tatami mats.

B type

Spacious Japanese-style room 10 tatami + 3.5 to 5 tatami room with bath and toilet Japanese-style room with tatami mats.

A type

The rooms do not have an indoor bath or a view, but they are reasonably priced. This is a Japanese-style room with tatami mats.

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Kaz nakaKaz naka
02:40 16 Sep 23
All the staff were wonderful. Although it was quite labor-saving, there were many improvements such as a free corner for sweets, drinks, and desserts, and a large selection of amenities and shampoo.The downside was that the air conditioning in the hallway on the guest room floor was not working, so it was unbearably hot in the summer. I can't generalize about food since I have my own preferences, but although the overall appearance was good, there were a few disappointing items. Specifically, the smell of something like sardine sardines in the pork hotpot for dinner, and the dashimaki omelet for breakfast were very similar to those made at a business supermarket. It was a shame because there were good points such as freshly cooked rice prepared in a clay pot for each table.
keeko hkeeko h
05:27 14 Sep 23
Worst of all, it's hot. The room and hallway are too hot. The public bath smells musty.
Shozan team AShozan team A
01:56 10 Sep 23
sudo hirokazusudo hirokazu
20:48 06 Sep 23
There are 20 rooms in total, but the size of the lounge is probably limited to 7 or 8 groups.Unfortunately the parking lot is overgrown. It's a 2-minute walk, so if it rains, an umbrella is required.Although it feels luxurious, the service is simple and courteous. Good sense of distance is comfortable. Perhaps because the prices are in the mid-range, the customer base is decent and I don't get the impression that there are any strange people.A wide selection of rental items. You don't have to worry about having a variety of bath supplies, playthings, etc.If you come with children, they must be junior high school students or older. It doesn't go well with the atmosphere of an inn for elementary school students and younger to make a lot of noise.All-you-can-eat sweets are also available. All-you-can-drink is also OK after check-in. There's also a wine-only plan, so it's perfect for people who don't like beer.Recommended for small family vacations, relaxed couples, and close friends.
01:33 06 Aug 23
service was very goodI received kind and courteous customer service.The smile of the staff was good
M makoM mako
03:11 12 Jul 23
I made a reservation because I was attracted to all-you-can-drink, but the food was delicious and the bath was beautiful, so I was very satisfied. After returning home, I forgot something and when I called, they responded politely and received it immediately. It has become a place of happy memories. thank you very much!
michiko satoumichiko satou
12:58 29 Mar 23
I have visited Isawa Onsen many times, but it was the first time I could see the cherry blossoms from my room, and I was impressed.Because it is located a little off Sakura-dori, the cherry blossoms were wild and very nice.However, the ventilation fan in the room was full of dust and it was near my pillow, so I removed the futon and cleaned it (T-T) The drain of the sink was also clogged and the water was flowing backwards, so I cleaned it with a toothbrush...It's a bit disappointing as it was clean overall.All the dishes were very delicious.But in the breakfast menu, it was written as dashimaki tamago, but it didn't come out... Did you forget to mention it? I wanted to eat it (T-T)All the employees were nice and when I told them that I wanted to leave early in the morning, they helped me eat 30 minutes earlier.That was a really big help.The parking lot was a little far from the hotel and it was difficult to carry luggage in the rain.There are curling irons, games, and incense services, and overall I am very satisfied.I would love to hear from you again.
_ aaipx_ aaipx
14:08 21 Feb 23
The service from the staff was very attentive, and both dinner and breakfast were delicious and I was very satisfied! We had an enjoyable time with all-you-can-eat snacks and coffee. Is the amount of dinner small according to reviews? Some people say that, but I personally think it's more than enough for the diced domestic beef steak, hot pot with plenty of seafood, and unlimited rice.I would like to stay there again!

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